How Postinor 2 Can Make You Infertile



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As are Woman, you have to be wary about the things you consume especially drugs because the Woman body structure is very sensitive. Unlike Men who are seen as ” Buffalos”, Women as referred to as ” Butterflies” because of their tenderness.


There are different causes of fertility but after much research and experience, we discovered that one of the major reason is ” consuming harmful contraceptives like postinor 2″


The pharmacist might not tell you but the result of using contraceptives like postinor 2 is quite damaging! Especially when it’s being used over an extended period of time.


For the purposed of this article, I’d be stressing on the use of postinor 2 as a case study to be able to buttress my point and help you understand better. 


Postinor 2 popularly known as “morning after pill” is an emergency contraceptive used by most Women who don’t want to get pregnant after making out with a man without protection. 

The Postinor contraceptive usually comes with 2 pills that is to be taken within 72 hours after sex.


Because of its availability and easy of accessibility, thousands of Women have used it and still using it to prevent pregnancy. To be honest, I’m sure quite a handful of Women reading this newsletter are also guilty of using this contraceptive to prevent pregnancy.  


Growing up back then, one of our neighbors usually asked me to go to the chemist to get her that drugs. I didn’t know what it was meant for until I became knowledgeable about it. I remember vividly, she used it about 3 times every week or thereabout.


If you are a regular user of this contraceptive, yes I understand you don’t want to get pregnant at that point but the problem is this – This set of pills are tagged “EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTIVES” and not “REGULAR CONTRACEPTIVES”


Now Let Me Ask You a Question?

Who goes into the emergency room every two weeks because she is doing what she should not be doing?

The essence of using medications like this is to serve as an emergency for the few times that your partner had sex with you without using a condom.  


Let Me Give You a Break Down Of What Happens When You Use Postinor 2 Regularly

  • Since postinor is simply a drug, it may cause you headache, dizziness, fatigue, nausea and vomiting.
  • The regular use of this pill actually messes up with your menstrual cycle. This means that repeated use of this can simply lead to irregular cycles, missed period and even prolonged bleeding. What this does is that you won’t be able to easily know when to expect it coming and it might simply happen at a time that you are not simply prepared for.
  • Some cases of using this contraceptive, it can lead to women having issues with hypertension, heart failure, stroke, migraines, kidney problem
  • It simply increases the chance of infertility at the time that you need it most. You’d be struggling to get pregnant but you can’t because of the long term usage of postinor 2.


Because you have over used the product; even more than you should have used it, conceiving a child might be difficult. 

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