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Can Aloe Vera Help You Reduce Blood Pressure?

Aloe Vera for Blood Pressure

I don’t know if you already know but the Aloe Vera plant has been proven to proffer solutions to a whole lot of health issues.

Right from when I was 10 years old, I knew the aloe vera plant was good ( specifically I knew it was for healing of injuries & skin beautification), but did’t know it could also reduce high blood pressure.


I’m still trying to remember how I got that info, I knew as kids we used to look for houses where they had Aloes in the neighborhood so we could still some. I also remember extracting the juice, putting it in a container and rubbing on my face every morning ( I think I had acne at that stage in my life).


The aloe vera plant, is a perennial plant that has juicy, spear-like, tough and fleshy leaves which hold plenty of water and it’s know to grow mostly in tropical and subtropical countries.


This powerful plant has been used for centuries to heal skin conditions like simple irritations, wounds or burns and constipation.


Each aloe vera leaf contains the thick, clear gel inside of it and latex which is found under the skin of the plant. They both possess medicinal properties.

The aloe vera gel is made up of 99% water and the other part of it is made up of polysaccharides and glycoproteins, and other chemical constituents like amino acids, sterols, lipids, enzymes and tannins.


Aloe vera also contains vitamins E, C, B12 and A. Vitamin C in particular is very useful for the circulation of blood circulation and it helps to maintain the normal functioning of blood vessels

aloe for blood pressure

                Aloe for blood pressure


So, can aloe vera really help with blood pressure?

There are some studies which indicate aloe vera can be of some help, but how much is still debatable.


Those with hypertension (high blood pressure) are at greater risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Some studies have found that supplements with vitamin C could lower blood pressure.


The aloe juice contains vitamin C. Collagen is an important factor needed by blood vessels. Vitamin C is required to make collagen. Various doses of vitamin C can lower blood pressure.

One study found that 500mg vitamin C taken for 4 weeks caused a 9% lowering of systolic blood pressure. Aloe vera juice can strengthen arteries and veins and therefore regulate blood pressure.


Also, the aloe could be used as a natural remedy to control hypertension and even lower blood sugar due to the presence of polysaccharides and glycoproteins in it.


Some studies (1991, University of San Antonio) have found that when tested on animals, aloe vera taken daily could reduce the risk of kidney disease, heart disease and leukemia.

The animals consuming aloe juice seemed to live longer than the control group. Since one side effect of high blood pressure is heart disease, aloe vera juice may help maintain a healthy heart when taken in appropriate doses.


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