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2 Hair Growth Solutions I Tested While Trying to Re-grow Hair and the Number 3 Solution That Finally Rejuvenated Hair on My Bald Head!

Hi Mate,

Victor A.K.A (Dr Feel Good /the Ex Bald Guy) here again….

I have plenty titles ba?


Anyway, this article is not particularly about me; it’s about how you can save yourself the stress of looking for hair growth products to re-grow your hair (especially if you are very bald).


I’m going to share my personal hair growth story and provide you with a working hair formula guaranteed to stop balding and re-grow hair on your bald head in a little over 25 days ( Results are not typical)


If you have read this article till this point, then it means you are bald and need a hair growth treatment! Or just maybe you know somebody else who’s bald and can also benefit from my story.  So stay tuned and read till the end!


Being Bald Completely Sucks!

I mean, having a terribly receded hairline and scanty hair makes you look old and awkward.

You won’t understand this but when you start to re-grow hair on your head again, you will discover that you have a more youthful look that can only be visible with grown hair.


I started balding in 2007 or thereabout; I think I was in my 400 level in the University. Even though my condition was not that bad but I could notice that my hair was gradually chopping off. 


I didn’t bother because I had a whole lot of stuffs to think about. Fast forward to 2010 after my NYSC, I woke up one morning and discovered that I was looking like a mean con guy.


My front hair had practically fallen off and I understood why people usually looked at my head when we engage in conversations. Some even go as far as rubbing my head!


hair growth


I Needed A Hair Growth Solution!


The need to re-grow hair on my head became important because I didn’t like the way I was looking.

In my usual manner I swung into research online and after trying two different hair growth solutions, I finally found the last one that worked!


So Let’s Get Started!

I could have just gone ahead to write about the solutions but I need you to understand the root cause of baldness so you can apply preventive measures while you use the solution.


In this article, you will learn about the following:

  1. Causes of Baldness
  2. Types of Baldness
  3. Solution
  • Solution 1
  • Solution 2
  • Solution 3 ( The Ultimate FIX)


1. Causes of Baldness:

Baldness can be associated with a quite a lot of factors. I have written a detailed blog post about the 5 major causes of baldness and if you care to know more about it, click here to read the post. 


2. Types of Baldness:

 There are different typed of baldness that can happen to any man or woman. See the picture below to learn about the different types of baldness. 



hair growth



3. Solution:

  • Solution 1: As funny as it sounds, I actually grinded ata-rodo (pepper) together with lime seed and made a paste out of it. I applied the paste on my head morning and night everyday for two weeks.


The Result:

My best friend who observed my hair confirmed he could see tiny hair follicles spring up from the extremely bald areas of my head but then, there was a BUT….


He also noticed that my scalp was squeezing! I also did notice it as well when I looked closely into the mirror. There was an irritation on my scalp so I had to refrain from using the mixture.


  • Solution 2: I used a hair spray that contains minoxidil for over one month. The same best friend got me the spray when he traveled to India.


I used the spray morning and night for a 30 day period; to be honest, there was no noticeable change! I later on read somewhere online that the one needs to use the spray for a 3 month period (that’s 3 bottles or so) before seeing improvements.


The Result:

My friend checked my hair and he confirmed there were no changes…. The damaged hair remained the same!


At least, if it was going to work I should have seen even a little improvement to give me hope before making arrangement to get another bottle. The first solution I tried did better!


  • Solution 3: Specially formulated, 100% natural treatment that focuses on both scalp treatment and hair growth. First of all, what the products do is the stop further hair loss by working on the scalp.


Thereafter, you’d start noticing hair re-growth on the bald areas of your head. It’s a combination of two powerful products and they contain the “all powerful Aloe Vera”.


I have been using these products from the 27th of December 2016; morning and night for 20 days and I started seeing results.


I noticed hair growth on the front part of my head, even when I had my hair cut; I was able to carve it unlike some months back. See pictures below:



This same solution has helped thousands of Nigerians to regrow hair on the bald areas of their head. And guess what? It’s 100% natural product and NAFDAC approved! 


So we are excepting our next batch of just 50 people who want to regrow hair on the bald areas of their head in 2017. 


Do You Want to Be Among The Next Batch Of People Who Want to Re-grow Hair On The Bald Areas Of Their Head in 2017? 

You can be our next success story – fill the form below to get added to the next batch!


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Victor A.K.A Dr. Feel Good


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